This is What Happens to Your Heart When You Drink A Lot of Energy Drinks

Caffeine relieves headaches, boosts mental alertness, and even aids in the treatment of diabetes and asthma. But, it may have a disastrous effect when added to products filled with artificial sweeteners, stimulants, toxins, and other additives.

Studies have shown that this combo has a detrimental effect on cardiovascular health, and may cause heart attack.

Cory Terry, 33, died after consuming Red Bull on a daily basis. Patricia Terry, his mother, decided to share his story with the rest of the world. According to her, Cory was an active young man who didn’t smoke any cigarettes. But, “he drank that stuff all the time. He said it perked him up.”

According to a study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, energy drinks like Red Bull have a destructive effect in people with cardiovascular issues, suggesting that even healthy people can experience the same problem.

A trial based on 15 individuals showed that energy drinks increase blood pressure by 8% within 4 hours after consumption. Participants had their blood pressure increased by 10% at the end of the week.

Participants took 500ml (2 cans) of unidentified energy drink every day for a week. The drink had the same content as Red Bull.

This increases the risk of heart attack. Hypertension damages arteries and leads to stroke and dangerous clots.

Red Bull is packed with sugar, stimulants (caffeine and taurine), and a few B vitamins. The lack of scientific research only makes the problem even worse.

Another similar study analyzed the effect of Red Bull in participants before and after their workout. Thirteen individuals did endurance training, three times a day. They took red Bull before every training. They also had a similar drink that didn’t contain any taurine, and a placebo without stimulants.

It was confirmed that Red Bull is the only drink that affects stroke volume or the amount of blood pumped through the heart.

Should we add something else? Red Bull is the last thing you should ever drink. It contains a deadly combination of stimulants. Of course, these aren’t dangerous when taken separately.

Energy drinks harm your health, and we suggest that you stay away from these. Drink plenty of water and coffee if you need an energy kick.

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