I Placed This In The House Corners And Next Day All Cockroaches Were Long Gone

Cockroaches are nasty and stubborn. It’s like there’s no way to get them out of the house. For some people, seeing a cockroach is equal to their worst nightmare.

These creatures love hiding in dark places, and sometimes it’s impossible to get rid of them. The worst thing is they “carry” diseases and infections.

You can use commercial products, but we suggest that you stay away from chemicals. Plus, chemical-packed powders only provide a temporary effect.

Try our simple DIY anti-cockroach solution. It’s efficient and cheap!

Borax and sugar

Borax is one of the very few things that will keep you safe from cockroaches.

How to use it?

Borax destroys cockroaches by dehydrating the exoskeleton and damaging bugs’ digestive system. Say ‘goodbye’ to those disgusting cockroaches!

Add sugar for a better effect. Cockroaches like sugar, and that’s an easy way to trap them. Use one part of sugar and three parts of borax.

Put your gloves on, and spread the mixture on areas cockroaches frequently visit. Clean up the mess next morning, and repeat again. Your home will be cockroach-free within a few days.

If you can’t find borax, boric acid and baking soda also work well.

Caution: DO NOT use borax if you have small children or pets.

s0urce: healthy-food-house.com