Chestnut Leaves – An Old Italian Folk Remedy That Can Destroy Bacteria And Superbugs!

Since forever, chestnut leaves have been sued as a natural treatment for skin infections and other health problems. So, science has decided to examine its effectiveness and benefits.

Cassandra Quave from Emory University conducted a study which showed that chestnut leaves can effectively destroy simple bacteria and superbugs such as MRSA.

MRSA is a type of bacteria which is resistant to antibiotics. It affects millions of people and it is responsible for more than 20 000 deaths in the USA annually

. The constant use of antibiotics causes these antibiotic-resistant bugs. As the time passes, the bacteria become resistant to the cure.

The good news is that chestnut leaves are a powerful natural solution against superbugs. According to a study, the extract managed to destroy bacteria such as S. Aureus without antibiotic resistance. This is a whole new discovery that will definitely become a new treatment against MRSA.

For centuries, chestnut leaves have been used as a remedy. So, Quave went to Italy during the study. She visited the locals in the town and found out how to prepare a tea from the leaves which are known for its ability to reduce infections and skin inflammation.

Quave’s team isolated 94 compounds including ursine and oleanane which were the most effective against staph infections.

The lab study showed that 1 dose of the extract (50gr) was enough to prevent red blood cell and tissue damage. Even after two weeks, the activity of the extract was not reduced.

According to human studies, the extract does not damage the skin cells or microflora. This means that it is highly effective for treating the infection.

Check out the video below to find out more about the benefits of this remedy:

Here is another video to discover how to prepare your own herbal tinctures:

Source: Alternative Health Universe